Literary Non-Fiction Genres


Check out most remarkable autobiographies penned by the world’s most exceptional people.


Check out the most influential biographies of great life penned by most exceptional writers.

Business Management and Economics

Check out business management and economics books wherein authors write about technology and Innovation business strategies and management, distribution, and consumption of products and services.

Dating and Relationship

Check out dating and relationship books about practical advice and directions on different stages of a relationship like dating, engagement, marriage, divorce or separation, etc.


Check out entrepreneurship books wherein authors write about building and organizing a group of people to accomplish a common goal using proactive entrepreneurial behavior by optimizing risk, innovating to take advantage of opportunities, taking personal responsibility and managing change within a dynamic environment for the benefit of an organization.


Check out Leadership books wherein authors write about leadership qualities or leader’s personality, such as courage, clear vision, ambition to succeed and how to influence others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more coherent and cohesive.


Check out most remarkable memoirs penned by the world’s most exceptional people.

Personality Development

Check out personality development books wherein authors write about the patterns of behavior like thoughts, emotions, feelings, and attitudes that make a person notable.

Philosophical Non-Fiction

Check out philosophical books wherein writers focus on issues like ethics and moral practices, the purpose of life or profound miscellaneous issues.


Check out productivity books mainly written to enhance effectiveness, efficiency to work smarter not harder so that readers get more done in less time.

Psychological Non-Fiction

Check out psychological nonfiction books about the applied discipline that includes the scientific research of mental function and behaviors.

Science Non-Fiction

Check out science non-fiction books written by professional science journalists or by scientists intended for general audiences on the topics like astronomy, cognitive science, neuroscience, etc.

Self Help

Check out self-help books that are written to educate its readers and solving personal obstacles.


Check out startup books wherein authors write about the concepts of startups, repeatable and scalable business models, and entrepreneurship.